• MIIIW Red Dot Design Award

    Red Dot Design Award

    International Seal for Excellence in Dssign Innovation

  • iF Design Award

    International Label for Outstanding Design

  • Good Design Award

    Highest Standard for International Design Excellence

  • International Design Excellence Award

    Excellence in the field of industrial design

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MIIIW Technology was founded in December 2015.
It is one of the enterprises under Xiaomi Eco-chain, headquartered in Beijing, and has set up a branch in Shenzhen.
MIIIM technology is deeply engaged in the field of computer peripherals and desktop office. Has independently developed and produced a number of related products, and has been widely recognized by the market
At the same time, MIIIM technology also keeps forging ahead, developing multiple industry lines in the life and office fields, and striving to bring more and better products to the market.
MIIIW technology is committed to improving the connection between people, people and things, things and things, in order to constantly improve people's quality of life.